Three Out of the Box Homework Ideas You Need To Try


Between planning for lessons, teaching multiple classes at a stretch and marking a high volume of tests - teachers have a lot on their plate. When it comes to homework, the norm is to assign the textbook's end of chapter questions and provide a worksheet. The learning objective being, to help students absorb the newly taught information and dig deeper into the subject matter. It is the digging deeper that requires homework that is a little different from the usual. Here are three out of the box ideas you can use in class:

1. It's Puzzle Time

Bring out the resourceful and competitive side of your students with Discovery Education's custom puzzle maker feature to familiarise them with words they should be knowing. It can be scientific terms, synonyms and even historical figures - as long students grasp the new words taught and feel curious enough to research more.

2. I'm Feeling Lucky

Similar to Google's search engine, Google Earth has a feature called "I'm Feeling Lucky" which students can use to discover facts about a new place for an essay, presentation or an entire project. As the entire browsing experience is immersive in nature, students feel more involved and tend to enjoy the process a lot more, too.

3. Gamify Maths

There are two kinds of students - the ones who love Math and the ones who avoid the subject. You can make it fun by giving interactive games for homework where students can practice problems without feeling like it's a practice. The incentive of getting a high score and solving problems in an allotted time acts as a motivation for students to do better than before every time they play.

These ideas are just the starting point, with a PC and a WikiSpaces Classroom you can come up with more individualised ideas to cater to specific learning objectives and subjects for your students to really enjoy their homework process.

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