Three Reasons To Take Your PC To School


What's the one thing you use to both study and have fun at home?

The PC, of course.

At school, the PC is your go-to to work on group projects, research for an essay and beat your favourite game's top score during break time. Now, imagine the possibilities of taking your own PC to school every day. You will not only be able to study on your own terms but do a lot more with the time spent at school, here's why:

1. You already know how to use it

Since you've been using the same PC at home, you won't be wasting time during class setting things up and learning how to use a PC from scratch. The same time can be used to read up an interesting article or watch a video about your subject. Moreover, familiarity counts, especially when you have to use the same tools to study every day.

2. Everything will be in one place

The convenience of accessing everything from one device is incomparable, all it takes is the right organising. To avoid distractions, you can have two PC logins and custom browser settings. Folders can be maintained on a cloud platform such as Google Drive or your PC's hard drive itself - as long as it doesn't take too much time or effort to search for your assignment.

3. The chance to study your way

Do you prefer taking detailed notes? Or only writing the very important things? When you take your own PC to class, the notes you jot down can be exactly as you please. What's more, you can simultaneously hyperlink terms you want to research more or add pictures if it helps you remember concepts better. One thing is for sure, you will not have the problem of not understanding your own handwriting ever again.

Every school is different with policies to fit a school's unique requirements for its students. Your school's official policy may or may not allow PCs, depending on wi-fi and charger plug point bandwidth. Start by having a conversation with your teacher about tech tools that will help you learn better to enable you to make an informed and valued point after all a PC is only here to help your studies.


Dell Aarambh
  • Aarambh is a pan-India PC for Education initiative engineered to enhance learning using the power of technology; it is designed to help parents, teachers and children find firm footing in Digital India. This initiative seeks to connect parents, teachers and students and provide them the necessary training so that they can better utilise the PC for learning, both at school and at home.