Three Unique Ways to Wish Happy Father's Day

"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He believed in me."

- Jim Valvano

The bond we share with our father is truly special. He is a mentor, guide and best friend all rolled into one who never seems to run out of patience. International Father’s Day is the perfect time to express your love for him. Make the day memorable and do something special for the man that means the world to you.

Try any of these three unique ways to wish your dad, a very Happy Father’s Day.

1. Movie Magic

Over the years, you’ve had a lot of special moments such as birthdays and holidays with your dad. Why not put all those photographs together and make a short movie?

You can use online tools like Movavi, which are easy and simple to use.[1] Upload your photos, add some interesting transitions, select your background music and you are all set! Don’t forget to include a special message just for your dad at the very end. You can either record it or simply use text. A joke you share, a quote from his favourite movie or book or simply I love you will do the trick.

2. Write him a Letter

Make your father feel extra special by writing him a letter. Simply, open a word processing software such as Microsoft Word on your PC and write your thoughts out. You could write a note, a poem or even a story that tells him exactly how you feel.

Once you are done, email it to your father at work and bring a smile to his face.

3. Say it with an E-Card

Bring out the artist in you. Make your dad an E-Card from scratch. Use Canva[3] to create something smart and simple. Begin by selecting a template. Next, write out your special message for him. Upload your favourite family photos to make it more personal. Finish your masterpiece with effects, stickers and graphics of your choice.

Print out your work of art and give it to your father when he comes home from a long day.

Discuss your plan with an adult, so they can help you out along the way. Remember that with a little patience and a whole lot of creativity, you can make something that will definitely show your father just how much your love him!


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