Three Virtual Field Trips Your Students Will Love


Nothing makes a teacher happy as much as an engaged classroom - one where the majority of the students are actually listening and asking questions relating to the subject matter being taught to them. In reality, lessons like that are difficult to pull off especially if you’re stuck with the period right after lunch or the one before the long school day ends.

Enter Virtual Field Trips.

With a PC, you can show your students a place they have never been to before from the comfort of the classroom. These activities will not only get your class energised and asking lots of questions but will help them to easily remember the concepts covered. No need to learn chapter after chapter by rote!

Here are three popular Virtual Field Trips you can begin with - just make sure you have a PC.

1) Discovery Education

Divided as per subject, grade and theme - Discovery Education can become a weekly fixture for your students. The themes include Earth & Space Science, Technology, History and many others, with the latest and most high-end footage. For example, the Tundra Virtual Experience [1] shows the annual polar bear migration in the most beautiful and fascinating way bringing the real world into your classroom.


2) Google Earth

An educator’s paradise, use Google Earth [2] to show your students remote places from all over the world and make the most of the built-in lesson plans. The whole world is quite literally in your PC’s browser. From flower mosaics in Antigua, Guatemala to fireworks in Florence, Italy, explore whatever your students want to see around the globe.


3) Zoom Earth

Your students can view the world from above quite literally with the global LIVE satellite feed of Zoom Earth. [3] There is a feature called “locate me” which you can use to bring context to local history, city-specific climate or society in general. Let the class explore at their own pace and have a group discussion at the end to share each other’s learnings.

At first, you may feel that this is going off-syllabus, but, with the right lesson planning your students will be wanting to learn even more!



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