Three Ways A PC Will Help You Learn New Words


Words are all around us. They’re the building blocks of all our conversations, subjects you study in school and pretty much everything you enjoy - tv shows, cricket matches and so on. So, how do you keep learning new ones?

1) Read, Read & Read!

The most tried and tested advice for every age group including grown-ups, reading daily is proven to improve vocabulary because you will be exposed to new words and understand language context. The trick here is to read what you actually enjoy so you stick to it on a long-term basis. Head to your school’s library, Good Reads and Read Any Book for both fiction and nonfiction selects. If long reads don’t keep you interested for long, subscribe to news aggregator websites such as Flipboard and In Shorts which customise articles for you as per your liking.

2) Yes, you can play and learn

Love a challenge? Pick a game that genuinely excites you from The Problem Site, EceEnglish and Free Rice to game away. You can play in a group during break time at school and at home on your PC after school or during the holidays. The best part is that there is no scope for you getting *bored* and giving up midway. Whatever your motivation, whether it is beating your own best score or your best friend’s - even one game a day will help you pick up a word or two. Play to see the difference!

3) Set a Word a Day Challenge

If you like the idea of making your own game, set a Word a Day Challenge. You can do it amongst your classmates, friends, tuition group or even your family with the help of Word Think. Here’s how it will work in a group:

1) Assign a moderator: A person to find out the word and meaning from the website

2) Get all group members to write down the meaning

3) Moderator checks and gives the right answer a point.

Tally it up at the end and let the winner decide what he or she wants!

PS: Stuck with research or group work? Check out these five tech tools to make the most of your PC.

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