Three Ways Teachers Can Benefit From Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is online space that you can use to store your important data. As well as keeping a backup of your files on physical storage devices such as external hard drives or USB flash drives, cloud storage provides a safe way to remotely store everything you need. Online storage solutions are usually provided using a large network of virtual servers that come with tools for managing files and organising your virtual storage space. [1]

As a teacher, how can I benefit from using cloud storage?

1. Give Students 24/7 Access to Learning Resources

No matter the cloud storage provider you select, your students will be able to access learning resources (lesson summaries, websites, videos, quizzes, games, assignments and so on) anywhere, anytime. This allows students to actually listen in class rather than just take notes.

2. Track Student Progress

When it comes to reviewing group projects, the cloud helps you to see who’s contributed the most as well as identify strengths and weaknesses of each student. Similarly, for individual assignments such as essays and presentations, you can provide the student with additional PC resources when required.

3. Faster Test Results

Tests can be a lot more frequent and results can be shared faster (in fact, immediately if it is automated) so students know exactly where they stand and what to improve before they give the actual exam! Seeing results this fast will get your class all charged up and motivated to do even better.

Which cloud storage option should I go for?

You need to keep in mind price (most services are free to use), security, privacy settings and how easy it is to use. Take some out time to really become thorough with the functionality and customise requirements as per your class and professional development goals.

There are a couple of options out there such as Amazon Drive and Google Drive - however, your most flexible option is setting up your very own Wikispaces Classroom.


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