Tips on How to Make Hybrid Education Work for your child.

Hybrid learning makes complete use of only online systems to impart education to children. It has become the norm for almost all schools now-a-days due to the pandemic. Since hybrid education is here to stay, here a few tips for parents on how to make it more fun and meaningful for their children:

A designated study-space: Akin to remote office spaces used by parents for work-from-home situations, even children need a separate space to carry out their classes and other routine learning activities.

Self-directed learning: Avoid constant hand-holding during classes. This way the children have a lot of onus on themselves to try and understand the topic at hand on their own. This makes them independent learners at a young age.

Use interactive tools: Tools such as whiteboards, live-chats and constant feedback during remote learning, helps to foster better communication and engagement between teachers and students. Leveraging them can help shy students interact and open up in the classroom..

Include frequent breaks: Constant screen-time can prove to be harmful. To prevent this, partake in meaningful activities like solving puzzles and listening to audiobooks in between online classes and which limit screen-time.

Comprehensive learning: Education should be holistic and all-round fun. There ought to be a healthy mix of PC enabled learning and interactive physical activities that help increase overall focus, output and productivity of the child.

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