What Kind Of A Student Are You?


You can be a social butterfly, the smarty of the class or maybe even both, read on to find out!

1) The Social Butterfly

You’re a natural born leader with a pack of loyal followers and an energy level that is difficult to match up to. Everyone knows your name...

2) Miss Shy

You’re either a person who prefers to talk only when extremely necessary or are a little scared of what your classmates will think of you - it’s fine, everyone started somewhere.

3) Smarty

You know who you are.

Your notes are in demand, always.

4) Strong & Silent

You’re a combination of Miss Shy and Smarty - people are often surprised to find out that you’re on top of everything.

5) Question Master

Teachers have a love/hate relationship with you because you can come up with the most random or details-specific questions and don’t feel shy to ask.

So, which one are you?

The best part about being a student is that you can constantly evolve and expand your understanding of the subjects you are studying when you have the right mindset and access to resources. With access to a PC in school and at home , a plan in mind and the motivation - you have the potential to make this academic your best one yet!

Dell Aarambh
  • Aarambh is a pan-India PC for Education initiative engineered to enhance learning using the power of technology; it is designed to help parents, teachers and children find firm footing in Digital India. This initiative seeks to connect parents, teachers and students and provide them the necessary training so that they can better utilise the PC for learning, both at school and at home.