What Questions Should Parents Ask Their Child’s Teacher?

Tracking your child’s educational progress is challenging in today’s distracting, digital age. So as parents, we must keep asking pertinent questions to our children’s teachers. The answers will provide insights and allow us to track the kids’ progress, identify gaps and enable an effective, holistic learning experience for them. 


Some key questions are:


  1.   What approaches have resulted in my child making the most progress?


The answers to this question will help you identify what teaching methods your child responds most to. You could then double down on those methods even at home and reinforce the learning from school.


  1.   What has been my child’s greatest success this term?


This question is important. You could discover what your child is truly passionate about. Once you understand their aptitude and talents better, you’ll be able to nurture them effectively.


  1.   What should I do if my child has fallen behind?


Don’t be disheartened if this happens. You can brainstorm with your child’s teacher and devise a plan to inspire your child. You can provide them with tools that will empower them to overcome the obstacles!


  1.   What activities can I conduct at home to keep my child engaged and motivated?


Activities at home must stimulate your child’s curiosity. They must complement the skill building and learning from school.


  1.   How to ensure my child continues growing in their social skills and how can we maintain friendships among the classmates?


Understanding your child’s behavior at school will help you guide them better. A quick conversation with their teacher can help you spot the problem areas. Perhaps it’s stage fright, reticence or any other inhibitions. You can then steer your child in the right direction in terms of their behaviors and help them sustain great friendships with their classmates and peers.

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