What To Keep In Mind While Marking Assignments & Tests


If there’s one thing that teachers wish could be a little faster - it has to be marking papers. With exams every term, class tests and regular assignments, you have to be equipped with the right tools and be ready to take on marking with excitement. Keep this guideline in mind and watch your marking become more efficient.

1. Keep Your Answer Book Ready

Whether in the form of a simple word doc or an Excel sheet, just maintain the Q&A format to facilitate easy access to answers. Also, collate all probable alternatives to answers so you can just quickly refer to your answer book to mark as fast as possible.

2. Mark Each Section At A Time Rather Than Every Paper

This method will simplify and speed up the marking process. Additionally, you will be able to identify weaker topics of your entire class. By marking one section at a time, you’re effectively batching up marking creating a rhythm for you to get into.

3. Provide Collective Feedback As A Handout

Once you’ve made a list of all the weaker topics, provide collective feedback as a handout with easy to use PC resources. This is very useful for class tests, prelims and assignments as feedback help your students know exactly where they’re going wrong and what they’re good at.

4. Try PC Grading Tools

Sign up for the classroom edition of Jumpro - (it’s free for individual teachers) to grade tests and assignments online and set measurable learning targets. This tool will take a little time  getting used to but will be worth the effort as everything will be in one place.

5. Experiment With PC Tests & Assignments

To provide instant results, conduct the test or give the assignment on the PC itself using Google Classroom or create your own Wikispace classroom.

A PC can literally change the way you teach, making resources more accessible and enabling you to create lesson plans that will make students look forward to your class, every time!

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