Why You Should Encourage Your Child To Join A Makerspace


"When we allow children to experiment, take risks, and play with their own ideas, we give them permission to trust themselves. They begin to see themselves as learners who have good ideas and can transform their own ideas into reality" [1]

- Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager


The impulse to create is a basic human drive. A Makerspace is a place where students can create, collaborate, discover and experiment with various tools and materials. As parents, you're your child's biggest influence and encouraging Makerspace activities will do your child wonders.[2]

1. Experiential Learning

Experiential learning teaches students the competencies they need for real-world success.[3] Learning by actually experiencing theoretical knowledge not only instils a sense of independence but motivates them to do better too.

2. Opportunity to Question

Often, students feel shy to ask questions in class. In a Makerspace, students can ask each other or look up information online. Your child will learn to be self-reliant as one has to discover solutions to problems they have never encountered before.[4]

3. Cognitive and Creative Abilities Are Developed

Being hands-on, without specific direction or step by step instructions is beneficial as your child can research online, experiment and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering.[5] The cognitive and creative development happens because students are encouraged to imagine.

4. Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is key to leveraging strengths and working on weak points Makerspaces combined with PC enabled learning will help your child to be creative, confident and consistent with learning. Your child will realise strengths and weaknesses on their own and actively take charge of how and what they learn.

5. More Interest in Studies

Academia feels more authentic and children actually look forward to studying, as Makerspaces help children understand what they're capable of and makes learning adventurous.[6] Children begin to look forward to learning new things and applying them in their projects.

Instead of a bored expression at the end of the day, your child will smile, and offer you a detailed answer to the question, "How was school today?"

Above all, time spent at a Makerspace is productive for your child as a "maker mindset" is built. This mindset is important because it helps them master the actual know-how of theoretical knowledge application in the real world. [7]

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Dell Aarambh
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