Yes, It’s Possible To Remember Everything You Learn


Sounds like the dream, doesn’t it?

Even if it’s not your dream, you definitely need it for your exams. By making these tiny changes to your study routine, including making the most of the PC to understand topics betters - you will see the difference!

1) Make It Stick With Flashcards

This is a simple, two-step process:

Step 1 -

Take the time out to create flashcards from scratch for each chapter. Whether you do this a month or week before exams, just the process itself will help you absorb study concepts easily.

PC resources you should consider for creating accessible and editable flashcards: Quizlet, Cram

Step 2 -

Now that your flashcards are ready, evenly space out your study sessions. Multiple studies have shown consistently reading up and testing yourself will help you retain information for longer.[1] For example, to master Photosynthesis test yourself every alternate day - giving your brain the time to process all the information you’re taking in.

2) Don’t Just Shuffle Your Music Playlist…

There’s nothing worse than your brain getting into “auto pilot” mode. It especially happens when you do the same thing over and over again without actually concentrating aka rote learning. To avoid this, study different subjects every day to really challenge your mind muscles.

3) Keep Connecting The Dots

By doing this, you’ll not only remember concepts easily but longer too. Make the most of PC tools such as MindMup to visualise the connections you’re making between each chapter.

4) Do Revision Of The Revision

This will take just 15 minutes to do - all you have to do is quickly read through everything you’ve absorbed at the end of your study session. The biggest advantage of this practice is that you’re providing your brain with an additional opportunity to take in all the information, besides feeling accomplished with the day’s studying!

While doing all of this, don’t forget to take regular breaks! Let’s say you take a 15-minute break for every hour - just make sure you stick to your timetable and schedule it in from before. To give yourself an additional boost, you can make the breaks productive with brainercise or by watching a short, inspiring video.

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