Your Essential 5 Point Checklist for Lesson Plans

“Either run the day or the day runs you.” - Jim Rohn

It may seem a little harsh but it's true. By having a plan of action ready for every class you’re teaching in the school day you’re essentially laying the foundation for a productive and enjoyable day ahead (for both you and your students). Moreover, you’ll be on track for completing the entire syllabus on time!
Here’s the checklist you should keep in mind while making your lesson plan:

1. Warm-up With A Recap

If you’re continuing a lesson from the previous class, give your students a quick recap. Even if you’re starting a new topic, show a quick video or an interactive presentation summing up the previous topic so students can make out the connection between each chapter.

2. Turn Reel Into Real!

Let your students know what they’re about to learn and how it connects to real life to build contextual understanding. You can relate a real-life incident, bring up the news or show a short film to make the class more memorable even for the most distracted group of students!

3. Include A Group Activity

Every teacher wants a classroom full of engaged students but it’s difficult to pull it off in reality. That’s where group activities come into play. Even a 10-minute activity on the PC in a small group of up to five successfully energises the class.

4. Use Lesson Creating Tools

Online tools such Oppia[1] and Common Curriculum[2] help you to make your lesson interactive. Include quizzes, multiple-choice questions, stories and much more so you have the best of both worlds - the guided approach of the textbook and interactive element of a PC.

5. Don’t Forget About The Homework!

Sometimes, homework given is completely unrelated to the topic - make sure that the assignment or reading you’re giving is linked to today’s lesson, so your students absorb everything that is taught. Likewise, the more out-of-the-box you go, the bigger the impact of the homework!

Hear from Mrs. Gauri - a principal on how technology in the hands of a great teacher can transform society for all the inspiration you need to make an effective lesson plan for your students.

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