Your Three-Step Guide To Creating Engaging Class Assignments


We all want a classroom full of students who are happy, listening to every word you’re saying and ready for the future. One important aspect of a lesson plan is the class assignment. Whether it is a group activity to do during class or for homework - every assignment has a learning goal attached to it.

So, how do you make every assignment you give engaging for your class?

Step 1: Optimise The Options Available To Your Students

Having the opportunity to choose is good, especially to intrinsically motivate students to put in the hard work. For example, your students can use Rewordify’s Classic Literature section to read a simplified version of a classic they’re interested in during class and later decode the characters and plot for a more conversational class, rather one where only you’re doing all the talking.

Step 2: Keep The Answer To “How Is This Of Any Use To Me?” Ready

Even if your students don’t actually ask you in class, they will be surely wondering the same! So, put the doubts to rest and tell your class the purpose of every activity. It can be something as simple as summarising the previous topic and stating how the topic you’re about to teach is connected to the previous one taught by you.

Step 3: We’re All Competitive In Nature, Make The Most Of It

As a teacher, you have the liberty to get creative with the ultimate “prize”. It can be the permission to use a PC to play during break time (under supervision, of course) or the opportunity to pick a movie to watch in class. Keep an element of fun and watch your students work twice as hard on every assignment you give them!

The biggest takeaway is that you have to keep switching things up and make every lesson exciting, in turn giving you the energy and motivation to better your teaching as well. After all the more out of the box the assignment, the more likely your students will remember everything for the exam and beyond.

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