Your Three-Step Guide To Get Students To Love Reading

There are students who love to read and there are ones who do everything possible to avoid reading. As a teacher, you know reading is an important part of learning which just cannot be ignored. In fact, the earlier children start reading, the better for them. Exposure to published, well-written work has a noted effect on a student’s own writing, vocabulary and understanding of concepts. [1]

To get your students love reading, follow this three-step action plan and see the difference.

1) Choice Is Good!

Give your students the liberty to choose which chapter or book as per the syllabus to read during class or for homework. This may be a little difficult to pull off but the effort will pay off as your students will feel more involved in their own learning. Reading out loud is a teaching practice that is tried and tested and has been around for years, so do make sure to make it part of your lesson plans.

2) Turn It Into A Group Activity

You can call it a reading club or something similar to turn reading into a weekly activity, where students have to discuss the book they’ve just read or watch the movie version of it - making them accountable and responsible. It will also be a great incentive to actually read on a regular basis.

3) Students Are Great Storytellers

“Users can choose artwork from a specific artist and then add text to create a storybook... I’m adding the site to The Best Places Where Students Can Write Online.”

Larry Ferlazzo

- Teacher, author, blogger

Let your students bring out the storyteller in them with Storybird. This free to use and interactive PC tool will help your students be imaginative and motivate them to read more for more ideas. The best part about this tool is that children get the complete creative freedom to channel their inner storyteller.

Now that you have an action to get your class reading, use a PC to get them motivated, too!

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