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Online Learning Environment at Home

The way the world functions has changed. With the advent of work from home and online classes, parents and children are sharing space to get on with their day, which, in turn, can hamper both. To add to this, students are learning through virtual classes that need extra effort to adjust to.

Available Slots

3rd October - Junior KG - 5 Grade 11 AM- 12.30 PM

8th October - Senior 6 - 12 Grade 3 PM-4.30 PM

9th October - Junior KG - 5 Grade 3 PM-4.30 PM

10th October- Senior 6 - 12 Grade 3 PM-4.30 PM

15th October - Junior KG - 5 Grade 11 AM- 12.30 PM

Duration: 75-90 Minutes

Online Learning at Home is aimed at parents who want to create the right learning environment for their wards at home and enable the best use of technology for the benefit of their children. This session will focus on the following elements:

  • Building Socio-Emotional Skills
  • Creating a Learning Space
  • Role of Family in Online Learning
  • Partnering with School & Teacher
  • Factor Enhancing Home learning
  • Balancing Life & Work