Basics of Online Teaching

This webinar has been specifically designed for schools and teachers to take their first steps in the space of online teaching. The course content focuses on the preparation required by teachers and schools to make the switch from classroom teaching to online teaching, tips and tricks for making the online classroom more effective and the tools teachers can use to make the learning easier for the students. 

Available Slots

11th December

18th December

26th December

8th January

15th January

Duration: 75 - 90 Minutes

  •  Mental Preparation for Online Teaching
  • Tools for Online Teaching
  • Building Online Session Plan
  • Execution of Online Session
  • Effective Teaching Online
  • Technology Readiness
  • Disruptions and how to handle them

Impactful Online Teaching

Online Teaching is evolving and with schools switching to the online mode of teaching, it has become very important to make sure that the online sessions are impactful, and students are able to take back learnings better. The Impactful Online Teaching session will help teachers to take their teaching sessions to the next level with the use of interactive engagement tools. This session will detail out the usage of various methods in which teacher can make their teaching sessions interesting.

Available Slots

5th December

12th December

19th December

27th December

3rd January

Duration: 75 - 90Minutes

  • Teaching Effectively Online
  • Design & Prioritize Learning Outcomes
  • Ideas to Engage
  • Rethink Assessments
  • What to avoid during an online session
  • Efficacy of Teaching Models


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